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So you’re ready to take a leap but don’t know where to start?

There’s something magical about living a life where you feel truly fulfilled. Are you ready to design yours?

As a fulfilment coach, it’s my mission to help women align with their heart’s core values and uncover what truly lights them up, so they can blossom into a life where they are fulfilled and inspired on the daily!

You’re here because you’ve been feeling that something is missing in your life. On the outside you may seem to ‘have it all together’ but inside that intuitive voice is whispering to you that something needs a gentle shake up to help you feel fulfilled.

I’m here to guide you forward so you can unlock your true core values, achieve your big hearted goals with joy, and ultimately design a life you’re wildly in love with.

Ready to get started? Let’s do this!

Option 1

Values & Fulfilment Kick Starter Session

A 90 minute deep dive session to help you unlock your personal values and get the kick start you need to move forward.

This is for you if:

You’re craving some clarity around your unique values and how you can start living aligned to them
You want to get a clear vision of how your personal values can affect your goals in life
You want to establish, unpack and understand your values in a way that feels aligned, clear and empowering

What’s included?

1 x 90 minute session held via Skype or face to face
Follow up email with notes from your session
Resources and tools to support you

Your Investment: $195 NZD

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Option 2.

Create Your Journey to Life Fulfilment

My signature 3 month coaching program to support you on your journey to blissful alignment, inspiration and joy in your life.

This is for you if:

You’ve been feeling unfulfilled and misaligned in your life. There’s a spark missing that you’d love to reignite
You feel like you’re at a crossroads in life. You could keep moving along like always, but deep inside you know you’re destined for more
You’d love to start setting goals that feel exciting and inspiring that you can truly make happen
You’re seeking ways to feel inspired, joyful and at peace in life and you’d love the support of a coach who can gently guide you forward and have fun along the way!

As your coach, I’ll help you unlock your deepest desires, discover your unique values and illuminate a clear pathway forward for you to put the shine and sparkle back into your life.
You’ll walk away from our time together feeling empowered, self-aware and reconnected to your life’s purpose. You’ll also have the tools needed to continue your transformation and truly create the life you desire.
What’s included?

6 x 1 hour sessions – held fortnightly via Skype or face to face
Ongoing email and phone support
Post session ‘homework’ to help you implement your ideas and make your dreams happen
Tools and resources to support you in discovering your values and actioning your goals
30 minute complimentary session after your program has wrapped up to check in on your progress and offer any extra support

Designing the life you love starts with one brave step forward. I believe that every transformational quest needs a guide – let me be yours.
Your Investment: $790 NZD

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I run private workshops for businesses and groups who want to motivate their team to feel empowered and connected.

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