What the heck is a life coach???

So you’ve seen these ‘life coaches’ pop up in your social media? You’re intrigued by some of the content? But you’re slightly, lets say… skeptical? What do they actually do? Do they work? It’s just a scam right? Can they really help me? Improve my life…. just like that?

Well let me tell you, life coaches are flippen amazing! And no, I’m not here to sell you on how awesome us coaches are; I am here to dispel some myths of the coaching world…

So, what the heck is a life coach you ask? OK, so lets clear this up first. A life coach is not a magician. We cannot wave a magic wand and ‘taa-daa’ your life is perfect. You are required to do the work, and sometimes let me tell you…it won’t be easy.

What we do is pull out the essential tools needed from our handy dandy tool belt to help you create the change you want. Then we hold you accountable for your actions making sure you’re not just ‘all talk.’ Now, I have heard people say ‘but you’re not an expert in finances, health or even ballet dancing, how the heck can you help me?’ Lets just say, I don’t need to be.

You are the expert on your life and with the ‘right coach’ providing the ‘right tools’ and creating the ‘right space’ you will have all you need to create the change you want.
Think of it like Michael Jordan. Do you think his coach was a better basketball player than him??? I don’t think so! With the right coach, providing the right tools and creating the right space for improvement, Michael Jordan was able to become the best basketball player of all time.

Also like any service provider, if you require specific or expert training and education we will create the appropriate referrals…and then yes you guessed it;
we make sure you actually contact the darn experts and not just sweep it under the mat or put in in the ‘too hard basket’. We help you maintain momentum on your way to achieving your goals by motivating you and cheering you on throughout your successes. Also, if at anytime that critical self talk rears its ugly head creating barriers to you achieving your goals; well that’s when we pull out the big guns…. there is nothing stopping us!

So a quick recap, coaches are…

  • Someone who empowers you to create positive change and reach your personal and professional goals.
  • Someone who supports you with your transition through change
  • Providers of the essential tools needed to create the change
  • Motivators
  • Accountability holders
  • Personal cheerleaders
  • Safe space providers
  • Critical self-talk fighter
  • And last but not least………FRICKEN AMAZING!!!

Still confused???? Contact me here to find out more.

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