I highly recommend Tenika at Uncover Inspiration. I have learnt invaluable skills needed to improve all areas of life.

The most amazing thing for me was that I learnt more about myself in the 6 weeks with Tenika than ever before in my life. I truly believe in the importance of looking within, then it is possible to achieve whatever it is we really want to get out of life.

Knowledge is definitely power.

I discovered my default thought patterns through another perspective- this created an amazing opportunity for me to choose to continue with my automatic negative thoughts OR allow this new awareness to make small changes which have big impacts!

I have gained a new awareness and knowledge about myself along with skills and techniques to work towards my goals. I am so grateful to Tenika, she created a warm and friendly environment that made a safe space for me to be very honest with her and myself. Tenika is inspiring and practical with a wealth of knowledge to put your life in the direction of your dreams.

Life is too short not to be living it the way you want.

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