Tenika Reihana

Discover Fulfilment

When you feel unfulfilled in your life, you’re not broken. You simply need to reconnect with your inner wisdom and unlock your core values to discover a life you’re crazy in love with!

Hey there - I’m Tenika! I’m a personal and professional life fulfilment coach on a mission to mentor women to find those golden nuggets of inspiration within them - we’re talking the kind of inspiration that lights you up and makes you come alive again.

What golden nuggets you ask? I call them your core values.

These values are like your guiding stars in life and once you’re clear on what they are, you’re able to design a life that feels aligned, exciting and fulfilling...on the daily!

Right now though? You might be feeling in a bit of a funk.

Nothing seems to be all ‘that’ bad and you question whether it’s all in your head. Because on paper you might be the type of woman who’s ‘got it all going for her’ or maybe you feel miles away from the perfect life you seek.

One thing is for sure though - there’s big dreams inside of you that you can’t stop thinking about! There’s a voice inside telling you that life can feel more joyful, fun and fulfilling (psst - please listen that voice a.k.a your intuition, because it’s always true)

When we feel disconnected to our joy or like we’re about to breakdown, that’s simply a sign that our soul needs to break out.

It all comes back to unlocking your beautiful core values and designing a life you love from there!

I’ve been where you are before, at a crossroads - deciding whether you should keep trudging through life or whether you should listen to your soul’s calling to discover what inspires you.

My Story to Fulfilment

From a young age I knew I was a resilient kid - determined to create my own happiness. I had to be - because my life was constantly changing.

After my parents divorce, I’d find myself changing schools on the regular (12 times to be exact), moving from house to house and trying to maintain some form of normality.

As I grew into a teenager this endless pursuit of happiness led me to get curious about different identity groups, religions and more...I was always searching for fulfilment but never seeming to find it.

And as a young adult? That pursuit of happiness and fulfilment took me around the world! I got the travel bug...badly!

I jetted off backpacking over 2 years with a few stints back home as I’d patiently save to escape to an exotic destination again.

I always kept one eye on the great open road and the magic of travelling around the globe.

Travelling started to move me closer to unlocking my core values (although at the time I was just living it up and being carefree!)

As I’d backpack from place to place I’d meet all different people from all walks of life and it gave me the space to do what I love most - connect with people! I’m a curious soul and would spend hours chatting to strangers asking all about their life.

What made them unique? What made us similar? Why were they travelling? Were they searching for something? Had they already found it? Were they happy? Lost? Found? Fulfilled?

I soon realised that everyone is truly amazing and unique in their own way. But some people were completely fulfilled...and others? Completely lost.

How could these seemingly happy travellers, exploring the world (myself included) be doing the same thing, but on the inside feel completely different?

I didn’t realise at the time but it all circled back to their core values and whether they were living aligned to them or not.

So I started to question my own situation. Was I feeling fulfilled or was I putting on a brave face too?

On the outside, life was great. One month I was in Thailand, staying on a deserted beach with no electricity, the next I was roaming through the streets of Paris drinking hot chocolates or chugging a beer in Vegas.

I was living the definition of freedom! But something was still missing.

But before I had a chance to discover my own core values, my crossroads moment hit...and it hit hard!

I’d just returned back home after being in South East Asia living the backpacker life when I found myself knocked up to a stranger (yes I did just say that!) that I had met 3 months ago. I had gone from freely wandering the globe to being tied down with a partner and a baby on the way.

How on earth was I going to do this?
In a bittersweet way this was when my core values revealed themselves to me.


They were there all along, but this life changing moment of being pregnant was when they became clear as day.

Suddenly I found myself moving to a remote town in Australia to give them whole family thing a whirl.

Freedom? See-ya-later!

My relationships and family at home? Well I was in the desert as far away as possible from them...so there’s that!

Success? I was a totally new mum (and unexpected at that) so I didn’t quite feel successful.

Despite my situation, I knew the only person responsible for creating my own happiness was me.

Having the most precious gift in the form of a tiny human made my values start to shift over a few months.

My value of Freedom shifted to Family. I was now providing the most loving and supportive family I could for my baby boy.

My value of Relationships took a new direction as I invested my heart and soul into the most important relationship in my life - my baby daddy. This also helped me find and create relationships with the most amazing, supportive, loyal and loving friends anyone could ever find, they definitely helped keep me sane.

And did I mention that the stranger who got me pregnant is now my amazingly supportive husband and father of 2…SUCCESS!

...oh hey there fulfilment!

I used my core values and new self awareness to change my perspective and redesign my life. As I write this I know that my core values supported me in this huge life change.

Although it took a while to redirect my life and embrace the new normal, having those values there as a solid foundation meant that the future was always bright. I felt supported, knowing I could always redirect back to my values if I ever felt misaligned...and you can do the same!

You always have a choice to get back into the driver’s seat of your life and create your own version of a magical, blissful and fulfilling life.

Core values are inside everyone, we simply need to reconnect with them so we can redirect our life to true fulfilment.

Once you’ve got this self-awareness of your values, you have a guide to weave through life and make your goals happen. And the best part is, you don’t have to wait to discover fulfilment. You get to live it - every single day.

When you establish, unpack and understand your personal values you unlock the secret key to living a wildly beautiful life!

Are you ready to discover what inspires you and start to live an abundant life?

Let me show you how.



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